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The Refrigeration Plant IRMÃOS REIS produces Paulistinha products in this industrial complex which comprises an area of 9,985 m2, where the following departments are integrated in sequence: Daily receipt of raw material from the refrigerated transport; Entrance Control in an acclimated environment keeping its temperature stable at 15 ° until the end of Boning and Salting line, where the cure process is performed. Next, it is transferred to the Drying Controlled Area and then to the Cutting, Fractionation, Weighing, Final Control and Packaging.

Finally, the Shipping and Distribution section is responsible for transporting Paulistinha products throughout the country.

It is part of Irmãos Reis business philosophy to reduce the final price of its products to fair and competitive levels, but always ensuring their clients and customers the highest quality in healthy, tasty and nutritious food.


Foreign Trade

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Frigorífico IRMÃOS REIS

Rua Claudio Reis, 854

Distrito Industrial

Araçariguama - SP



+55 11 4204-6400






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